Monday, October 12, 2015

August 31st- Jersey's with Hartvigsen and Back and Forth Email Chains with Elder Nelson

August 31st: The first day that we were able to manage back and forth emails with Elder Nelson:
Elders Nelson and Hartvigsen with new futbol jerseys

Elder N: Hey, so you guys know I'm uploading a video to Dropbox that needs to get to Curtis before august 31 for the stake activity. Thanks

Dad: Curtis Flynn?

Elder N: Yes. Did it upload in Dropbox correctly?

Dad: Everything was great! I already got it up on Facebook and tagged Curtis so he would have it too. The only sad part is that it cut off the top of your head.  How are you doing? Everything is great here-mom and I are all good and everything is kosher. Who was asking you all the questions in the video? Harty? (Hartvigsen?) How is Sosa? He doesn't have much time left, does he?  Curtis is going to use all the videos he gets for a stake activity. I guess he has 8 so far.  Tonight mom is taking Ayami to an Ariana Grande concert at the Save Mart Center- and then this weekend is Ty and Tanya's wedding at Santa Barbara. Should be interesting. I had my first USC class Saturday and it was awesome - I am excited to finally be working on my doctorate! Things at work are crazy but fun- Fresno unified is actually being investigated by the FBI on one of their school construction deals and we are all over the press, so I am dealing with that. Luckily it doesn't involve me, though.
Elder N: Sweet! I had to upload it overnight in the house of a member, but I'm glad you guys have it. Elder Hartvigsen was in charge of filming but at least it was only my hair. I'm doing chill. We have a zone activity today so we have 10 missionaries crammed in one cyber. That's good that you and mom are good. Yeah Elder Hartvigsen- if I need to re-film it I can, but let me know what Curtis wants. Sosa is alright. He's older (24) but we have some pretty different desires when it comes to missionary work. He honestly doesn't seem to care much whether we have zero lessons a day or 10, and I want to teach as many people as possible each day so I'm going to have to work with him on that. Yeah, he finishes right before Christmas. Wow why is the FBI involved?
Wow, I had like a 5 second blank of who that artist is but now I remember. Wow send felicitaciones a ellos. So what does a doctorate do for you and how much time is it going to take you?
Dad: Somebody in the community is claiming that it was a deal for a builder who donated a lot of money to the bond election. I didn't even realize there were ten of you in Argentina total! Is that everybody? If you film it again, maybe just up against the wall, instead of showing the whole apartment- and I wish he had left it running at the end when you were goofing around and your personality came through. Curtis is going to edit it into parts he said. I've lost 40 pounds, btw The doctorate is just an awesome opportunity to learn new stuff. And it could potentially open a college teaching gig when I retire from Fresno. The whole process is likely to take 3 years altogether. So how is your family progressing who has a baptismal date later this month? And Ali made it to the Provo Mtc. Haven't heard much from Sam, but it looks like Greg is going to get remarried soon, so you may want to reach out to him via email.

Elder N: Oh wow so I assume that's illegal? Well there are 6 of us here in GualeguaychĂș(4 elderes 2 hermanas) the same situacion in Concepcion only that 2 of the elders there are the zone leaders, and the Colon is one pair of elderes and one pair of hermanas. The people from Colon aren't coming today, because Hermana Davidson(also from California) fainted and had to go to the doctor. They also live two hours away and no one wants to waste time traveling on a pday. Ha ha, that was honestly the cleanest part of the apartment. Our apartment is so bad right now. The other night I took a cold bucket shower because we didn't have hot water or water pressure. Ok sweet. But let me know if I need to do it again, or if Curtis is happy with what he has. Wow 40 pounds that's impressive. Talking about impressive, I ate 13 pieces of pizza Saturday at a pizza buffet place here called Pizza Free if you want to look it up. 

Dad: Now that is impressive- great work on the pizza! I'll have to find a picture of pizza free for the blog. I love you and am really proud of you!

Elder N: Ha ha pizza number 11 was a pretty tough one, but after that I knew I could eat 2 more to reach my goal of 13. I'll have to show you the picture of my stomach that night. (Note: This photo was removed for editorial purposes ;)

Dad: Just don't follow after the family gut habit! When does your conference start? When are the next cambios?
Elder N: Ha ha, I'll try not to. What conference? We just had the worldwide conference this Sunday, and 50 people went which is pretty decent considering most people think if there isn't santa cena it isn't worth going. We should receive cambios Septiembre 18 because that is when Presidente Smith is going to come. 

Dad: I was talking about your zone conference. Any word on your patriarchal blessing? And that's cool-President Smith is coming-do you still email him every week? And does he email you back? Or does he just email everyone?
Elder N: We had one this last week I believe, but we will have another one when Presidente comes. I tried super hard to get it this week and that was a joke. The Presidente of the Stake came as well as one of his conslores not this Sunday but the other Sunday. Anyways I asked the stake president and he said he would come back during the week with it. He never came but Presidente Martinez came Wednesday and then I talked with our Presidente of Rama to remind someone to bring it because Presidente Martinez came to our church building this week. The first thing he told me when he got out of his car was "don't ask me about your patriarchal blessing because I don't have it" So I've pretty much given up trying to get it because at this point I don't know who has it. It would have been a lot easier if the patriarch just kept it and I would have crossed to pick it up rather than do this goose chase.

Dad: Well-nobody can say that you didn't try to do your part-it looks like you're having a lot of fun over there, and working very hard. Do you think you'll be ready to go to college when you're done with your mission? One of the advantages of going on a mission first is they'll be a lot of people at BYU that you know. Now you're a big-time player in the Mormon collegiate hit parade.
Elder N: Yeah. It's just frustrating. I mean I honestly don't think it takes a lot of effort to grab a piece of paper. They only live an hour away by car but whatever ya fue. I'll definitely be ready to date girls again that's for sure. But yeah I don't think college will be that difficult. 

Dad: OK man-it was awesome chatting with you today via email-I have to get to work. I love you very very much. Be sure to write your mom today, and thank all your comps for taking care of you. You're the best, and I miss you! Talk to you next Monday, love, Dad
Elder N: Yeah this was sick. I'm basically always on at this time of day so now you know. Yeah I wrote her but didn't get to chat with her but she is probably sleeping. Enjoy work and see you next week.

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