Monday, August 3, 2015

August 3rd! Elder Nelson Narrowly Avoids Being Robbed! Yikes!

Elder Nelson to Dad: 
Yesterday some dude tried to rob us. We were just walking and there was a dude on a bike. He asked for our cellular and we were like, "no." He kept asking, but stayed on his bike the whole time. We turned right, and he followed us, but we were on a side walk deal and he stayed in the middle of the street and we had a car in between us. He kept asking for wallets and the cellphone and we just told him no. I looked at Elder Hartvigsen and asked "Qué quiere hacer?"(what do you want to do). He asked "Quiere correr?"(wanna run) to which I responded "Cómo no." (Why not?) but I was super tranquilo. Eventually the guy said voy a pegarte(I'm going to hit you) but then he rode off. We jogged out of that area but it was honestly the lamest attempt to rob someone. We decided next time it happens we are going to fake fight one another in English or pull out the cellular and pretend we are the FBI (the people actually think we are the FBI) and call for backup. I'm honestly not that concerned. He was super scrawny and Elder Hartvigsen and I wouldn't have any problem defending ourselves against this guy. 

Glad to hear the surgery went well. I was praying for you and I asked the other elders to do the same. No I'm not trunky. (homesick) I wish I had more success at this point. I feel like in 6 months, I haven't really done much of anything. It seems like I still just started, but it is weird to think that Morgan and Makenna only have a year left in the mission. We've found a lot of new investigators recently, but I don't know how many of them are going to progress to baptism, so potentially with some of them we are wasting time, but I think this week we are going to drop some. 

Elder Crockett should be coming tomorrow, and I think we are going to look at houses tomorrow, so hopefully we can move out of the house we are in now. I don't know if there are any big things happening in the mission. President emailed me this week saying that we are either following Christ or the devil. I find that thought to be really interesting. We are always changing either for better or worse. 

Right now I'm studying chapter 11 of PME (Preach My Gospel in Spanish) which is how to help people make and keep commitments. In comp study, we basically just share what we studied in comp study. I'm sorry I don't have a ton to share about my studies, I'm normally thinking about how to help the investigators.

I don't know how to apply the stuff to you guys. I guess the sabbath day. This week a guy from the stake came and taught about el dia de reposo. One of the questions was what signal are we sending the Lord in this day? We rest from our labors, but that doesn't mean we do nothing it means it is a day to do his work. I would say visit people Sunday. Make sure people don't go inactive. There are like 50 soild people in this rama but 500 people in the register so that's pretty bad retainment.  I love you, take care, and keep losing weight.

Elder Nelson to Mom: 
I'm doing good. No I don't need anymore dessert recipes. That was only for my other area, and now we don't have a functioning oven, and we barely eat with the members and they don't require that we bring anything. Well, one guy thought we were going to bring food and cook for him. He's special though, so we couldn't really get mad at him. He gave us 3 potatoes to eat. That didn't fill us up at all, so we bought Sanduba after. However he had a lot of well known songs in English so that made up for it. I've gained 30 pounds I think. I don't know what is fat and what is muscle. I'm getting fed well but that's because we eat out every day. So I hope you aren't expecting me to buy awesome gifts because basically all the money I have taken out has gone to food, or taxis/buses, or minutes for cellular. 

Naw, I'm not really discouraged. I would rather have the people tell us no. What happens is almost everyone is willing to listen to us which is great, but at the same time we want them to change, and that's the part that they fail to do. It would be easier if they told us no so we could focus on finding people who are going to progress. 

Sounds like all is good at home. Hey you guys should tell me what pictures you want becuase at this point I don't know what pictures I've sent and which ones I haven't, so if you request stuff and I can try and send it. You guys should have the missionaries teach Ayami the lessons when she comes back. I think it would be a good experience for the whole family. I love you, and hope you enjoy your week. if you need help with the flooring I can help you choose which one. Nos vemos madra mía

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