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July 13th: Celebrating the 4th of July as Expatriates with Pritty- the Argentine Approximation on Mountain Dew!

July 13th: (To Nana and Pop)

Happy 4th of July! I enjoyed your video. Yeah, I was trying to remember what I did for my last 4th of July in America and I was almost certain we went to a baseball game. 

There are 3 gringo (companions) together right now. Elder Hartvigsen from Surprise, Arizona, Elder Thompson from Selah, Washington, and me. So we threw a little party for lunch. We had hot dogs, grido ice cream and Pritty, which is the closest equivalent to Mountain Dew, but still way off...

The companion of Elder Thompson didn't arrive in Argentina, because his passport expired. Elder Sosa is from Spain so they had to send the passport off to get renewed and if there aren't any problems, he should be coming to Argentina the 13th but we'll see. In the mean time Elder Thompson might receive a "corto plazo" which means a teenager from the church will be his companion for a short time, rather than a missionary. However in the meantime us 3 are working together: one day in his area and the other in ours. It's pretty complicated and we basically have to cover all of Gualeguaychú other than the small part in the middle that the Hermanas have. 

Anyways sounds like you guys had a blast for 4th of July. Destiny is already 3? Wow I'm getting old way to quick. Hope everything is doing good in the mountains and that baby sitting goes well. I love you guys and take care!

To Mom and Dad:
I really like it in our trio. It will be weird once Elder Thompson actually gets his comp. Nah, nobody gets singled out. We all get along super great. We were in a member's house last night and they couldn't stop laughing because I guess I did something funny, but we are always smiling and laughing. We are stoked for our road trip today. Working this week was a little hard because we have one day in our area and one day in his area.  Since the hermanas have arrived our asistencia has dropped. Our high was 64 and this week was our lowest of 51. Yes, I'm the youngest. When I turn 6 months, my comp will turn a year, and Elder Thompson just hit 10 months. We're hoping that Elder Thompson's comp arrives this Martes/miercoles. 

A Corto Plazo (local teenager) lives with you and does everything a normal missionary would do but they only do it for a week or two. This Saturday the 6 of us (Elder del Castillo the zone leader visited for two 2 so Thompson could work in his area) ate together in a place called pizza free. For 60 pesos you could eat all the pizza you wanted. Our district is 6 people. The zone is 6 more in Concepciòn del Uruguay and 4 in Colo, so 16 I believe. 

There's a lot of interesting scriptures. Last night we shared 3rd Nephi 18:19-21. That explains how we pray, that we receive answers to prayers and that we should pray in familias, so we use that a lot to get families to pray together. We also use that chapter to explain that you always have to take the sacrament and if you don't you aren't founded upon the rock of the Gospel. There's a bunch of great scriptures, but I can't share them all with you in this short time. Yeah I remember seeing a picture in the Liahona of an angel comforting Jesus during his time in Gethsemane. Right now we are reading in San Juan to prepare for a capasitaciòn vamos a tener con Presidente Smith mañana. I'm pretty sure my testimony grows everyday or at least that is the goal. 

Naw, not really (people haven't given him a hard time). I mean there are people who don't believe the message but that's not really my problem. They have their agency and if they don't want exaltation I can't really force them. I enjoy the people and Argentina a ton. I don't know if I like it enough to live here for the rest of my life but it's definitely somewhere I want to visit again.  

They only have Coke and Pepsi, but not any of the other sodas those companies make. I honestly don't know the difference in Ice cream but grido here is pretty good. I'll take a picture someday. 

I don't think I've had an official dream in Spanish, but I'm sure there are some Spanish parts thrown in there. I can basically understand the gist of everything everyone is saying, depending on how good their accent is. There are some old guys in the branch who I can't understand at all. And if the people are talking bad like slang and cuss words I don't understand because I don't know any of that Spanish. 

Yeah I'm glad I'm serving. I hope I can help a lot more people get baptized or reactivate but I'm sure that will come with time. I think I like Argentina better. Uruguay is kinda small with only 3 million people in the country. One of the biggest differences in this area is that in Artigas there were a lot more Brazilian-speaking cowboys and there aren't many cowboys here, and no one speaks Portugese. I love you too.

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