Sunday, June 14, 2015

June 1: New emailing rules, and Updates from Gualegaychu!

Brazilian Cowboy Belts
June 1st: Hey guys. Don't have a ton of time. The rules got changed and basically only one person can write at a time and the other has to watch. I guess a bunch of people are having problems with using technology inappropriately (not me) but this is President's solution. I only have like 30 minutes to write. I'm doing fine and I'll talk to you guys if I have time but I'm going to go write President now.  I get to talk with President next week so that's cool.  

Argentina is good. Elder Flores is alright. I speak more Spanish with him than I did Elder Finlay that's for sure. No I'm not his first english comp. He's had 6 comps, I think 4 of which were gringos. Things are not much different than when I was with my trainer. Ideally during training you do an extra hour of study but not much has changed. 

Well congrats on the new job. With our family, medical expenses are pretty pricy so lifetime medical is good. Glad mom got her Mother's Day letter and liked it. What happened with the check I sent with it from the Pogues that never got cashed? Well tell Cody to try again to email. Ideally I'll have more than 30 minutes to write but I love talking with Rm's so tell him to try again.  
Artigas Highways

Yeah this city is really cool. It actually has shops and parques and interesting places to see. Artigas had little to do. If I never go back to Artigas I won't be sad but I'd definitely be willing to come back to GualeguaychĂș. And thanks for the package, Anyway this is all the time I have for this week and hopefully I'll have more time next week, love you and hopefully we can talk more next week.

June 8th: How's it going? going to work on pictures today and talk with you guys after. Not much is happening in GualeguaychĂș. We're doing alright. It is weird not being able to express myself fully in Spanish but I'm doing alright. We are already halfway done with this change so we shouldn't be together much longer. 

Haha, I miss Elder Tidball. I got a call from the offices asking what mission he is from, because a package got sent to our mission for him and I was the only one who knew what mission he was in. We don't do much on P-days. Hopefully today we will get haircuts because we have interviews with president this Friday.  

The branch here is only 20 people less than the Artigas Ward, but everyone here is super active so there isn't much of a difference. This week I taught all the youth in Sunday school about " how to be effective in meetings" but for such a boring topic, I think I did alright. Email is better here, but it takes up all day long because the other Elders use it for all the morning and we use it for all the tarde y por eso no hacemos nada. 

Where did Zane serve again? And when does Parker Lee leave for the mission?  I honestly don't have a ton to report this week. Things are going good.  Leonel will be getting married the 19th and then baptized at the end of this month. I did division with our district leader last Wednesday.  That was a cool experience. He's going to die at the end of this month so he has a lot of missionary knowledge. Super cool guy and we had a lot of fun. That was about my highlight of the week. Don't have a ton more to report.  If you have questions feel free to ask. Enjoy Vegas. Love you guys. Have more adult conversations. Chao!

Elder Nelson at the Brazilian Border

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