Sunday, May 3, 2015

Week 15: Meeting Elder Oaks, and Struggling with Uploading Pictures, but not with Spiritual Growth...

Uruguay Montevideo West Mission Conference with Elder Oaks
Elder Nelson to Mom:

(Regarding uploading photos) Everything I tried to upload in Dropbox said it had a upload error, so I'm not even going to attempt until next week. It isn't even fun trying to upload pictures because there's a 99% chance it isn't going to work. 

Yep. I shook his (Elder Oaks') hand and everything. He gave a super good talk. I hope it gets posted somewhere so I can read it again. A couple other people gave talks in Spanish that I didn't understand but that whole day was a cool experience getting to see all my CCM friends and learning about how to be a better missionary. 

(Regarding Josh going on a mission) For Josh we have a saying in the mission (la fin en mente). It means have the end goal in your mind. If he doesn't have his focus on what he wants in life and in the Gospel then problems are always going to knock him of track. Let's look at Peter. He walked on water and he only started to sink when he was looking at the world around him rather than Christ. We are the exact same way. If we don't focus on the things we should then we are going to sink. 

Wow way to go Ayami! (performing in the school rally). Anyways I love you and I'm trying with the pictures. if it doesn't work next week I might just mail you guys my little card that has all the pictures on it and keep the big one and you guys can deal with it. So yeah talk with you next week.

Elder Nelson to Dad:

(Regarding other Elders from Uruguay Montevideo West who are actively blogging) Staferri is a stud from San Diego. Super stud. He was an AP (assistant to the president) and a cool dude. He slept in our house for a couple days so I knew him a little bit. Elder Bentley is super crazy. My Brother (Elder Gunnell) is his companion in the offices right now. I don't know if I know any of the other missionaries though. 

I'm glad I'm making you proud, but what is even more important than that is making sure that I honor my Father in Heaven by being a faithful servant of Him in my mission, and for the rest of my life. I'm super grateful for the opportunity to serve a mission. I left thinking I would learn how to become a great missionary. That isn't what I'm learning to do. I'm learning how to be a good Latter-Day Saint, and learning about all the necessary steps people need to take in order to achieve salvation in the life to come. I've gotten to the point where I actually feel pain when people don't accept the Gospel or have been baptized and decided to stop their progression there, or worse yet, turn away entirely from the church. I have come to know the reality of the atonement and that the Gospel is for every person regardless of their past.
Spongebob Squarepants Cyber in Artigas

(Regarding his birthday BBQ last week) Yes, that's exactly where we ate! it was a nice little park. I don't know about that (Spongebob) cyber. Tell us where the cyber is and we will go check it out. Haha! Clever with the pictures. I've been told not to drink matte, so I haven't tried it but IF you wanted to drink it and don't think anyone would stop you. However I figure I will just wait until I finish my mish to try it with my own straw and cup that way I don't need to spit swap with anyone. 

Not much is up with me. Casi 21 dias o 3 semanas hasta terminamos nuestro trainamiento. There is close to nothing fun here to do. Basketball every morning in the church complex is about the only physical approved activity there is to do here.

In order for an investigator to count as progressing they have to go to church which is apparently a big struggle for all our investigators. We had one daughter, R*, go to church by herself which was impressive. Her mom is set to get baptized in Junio when they(J* y A*) get married. That whole family normally all comes but this week it was just R* because J* worked and A* didn't have a moto to go to church. 

I got to shake the hand of Dallin H. Oaks (the apostle) and I told him he looks even better in person to which he replied with a simple "thank you." So yeah, I saw all my CCM friends in the conference so that was a cool experience, but the 20 hours of travel really messed up our week in terms of working with our members and investigators.  

Anyways love you both a lot and will chat more later.

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