Thursday, May 14, 2015

May 4th (Week 16): The pictures come through!

Elder Nelson to Dad: I'm only going to be on for an hour because the cyber closes at noon. Uploading pics right now but it says it will take 2 hours for this one folder, and I have 3 more folders to go plus my other SD card but at least it is working it appears... It's chill. I'm not stressing out about it. (The package arriving) I got cards from Bryan, Marilyn and the girls, so please let them know I received it and appreciate their prays and thoughts. I also think Family Cobb sent me 5 lifesaver candies, but I honestly don't know who it is from and it didn't come with a card. 

(In the photo of the whole mission) I'm in the left back corner where the door hole/gap is. There's me then a really short dude and then my dad in the grey suit. (Elder Finlay) 

I'm Pretty sure we call through skype. No idea what time. I don't even know if I remember all my skype information but we'll see. 

Yeah from 1 to 4ish 5ish basically everything is closed down. Soccer games are prohibited for missionaries here: I believe too many injuries and such. Training is good I guess. Almost done with it so should be getting a new companion soon. 

Nothing new from president smith. As missionaries we write him every week and sometimes he writes back but it generally is just like "I'm glad you're serving keep up the good work we love you." Stuff like that. 

Anyways, I love you and if all goes well I should talk with you Sunday.

Elder Nelson to Mom: Haven't gotten the package but I'm not too worried. It will either get here or it wont, but I´m doing fine either way. I will call you at 4 o clock my time which should be 1 o clock your time, and I will try skype first, but I should be able to video call you guys through google as well so either way should work. 

I keep praying about the house as well. I had to give my first blessing in spanish this week which I'm pretty sure was a train-wreck but está bien. 

Congrats to Josh and Ayami on the straight A's. That's cute about the girls. I hear Dad is still thinking about his the job. Just make sure he doesn't sacrifice money for family. That's always a bad trade. Anyways, I love you and I think 40 something pictures and a video uploaded today. I still have a ton more but I think it worked today. I love you and talk sunday at 1 (right after church for you guys)

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