Monday, May 25, 2015

May 14th and May 19th- Elder Nelson headed to serve in Gualeguaychú Argentina!

May 14th:
Outside Artigas
It's working to upload photos but it is still super slow. I've been here for an hour already, and only 11 pictures have uploaded. Did you get a video? I thought it said it uploaded a video I took while in the CCM. Haha I could say whatever I want and you guys would assume it is spanish :P 

But yeah, my spanish is getting better everyday so that's a plus. Yeah it's easier to learn when no one else speaks english because than you don't have any other option but to learn Spanish. 

I will just go to one of the other zones of the mission but I still don't know where I might go. Are you going to the season finale of American Idol? Did Hunter Larsen actually make it on the show or what happened to her? Wow 19 days and school is over. That seemed like a crazy fast school year. Anyways I love you and need to go write president so send me
any other questions you might have. I'm glad you had a good mothers day. I love you

No I haven't got my patriarchal blessing yet. I was wondering if I should get it here in Uruguay, or wait until after the mish. I've fasted and prayed about it but haven't really received a firm answer. On one hand I worry that it could have stuff I could apply for my mission which would be useless if I didn't get it until after the mission. However you guys have always been at everything for me church wise, so I wouldn't want to exclude you guys from this. Also I'm not fluent in spanish and the church isn't that strong down here so I feel like it might not be a great experience. Let me know how you feel and I'll also take this up with President Smith. Wow that's pretty crazy, that Parker Lee is coming to the mission. When does he get here? I might be able to train him.  I'm not staying in Artigas. 

May 19th:
I'll be leaving for Argentina tomorrow morning. My new comp is Elder Flores. My new area is Gualeguaychú!

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