Thursday, May 14, 2015

May 11th: After the Mother's Day Skype, More Photos, and Some Deep Wisdom for a 19 Year Old...

Elder Nelson: I think Elder Finlay was able to get a hold of everyone but his dad, but from what it sounds like he wasn't too broken hearted. Yeah I'm pretty much fully adjusted and now just trying to nail down Spanish to better teach the people of Uruguay.  (When he started to speak in Spanish and had to be reminded by the family hosting his skype that that we speak English...) Haha sorry I was just trying to show off my improving spanish skills.

Well, the second point of the restoration of the gospel is that the gospel blesses families. So I think about you guys a lot. There's also a lot of people here that are poor but they spend time with their families and seem pretty happy. We have Familia Rodrigues. His name is Hugo, and he doesn't really have a job right now but he doesn't like to go to stuff alone so anytime there is an opportunity to bring the whole family he does. So I've come to realize you can be the richest person in the world and still be incredibly lonely, but on the other hand you can be the poorest person on the planet yet have everything you need right in your family.

I would still like to professionally play paintball, but eternal life edges out that desire (to play on the Sabbath day) by a little. I don't even know what a fitbit is but whatever gets you motivated to live healthier is good. What happened with Grandma? I barely/talked to her. Anyways I think photos are uploading but I did create a new folder. I might just have to do that everytime. Shoot me any other questions.

I love you guys and it was cool talking with you. I tried downloading Google hangouts but I don't think myldsmail allows the google play store to work. However skype worked just fine so I'm not too worried about it. 

No it wasn't weird talking to you guys, because you're family, but yeah it was weird. Destiny will probably forget about me because she didn't even want to look at the computer. Abby is getting pretty big. Nana and Pop pop look the same. I have a photo with all of them for my birthday- I'm just uploading the pictures in chronological order.

Today is Sunny with a nice wind so we might eat outside. Next week we might go back to the Brazil buffet and eat so much food until they kick us out. How many leaks in total now?

(Regarding accepting new Facebook friends) I don't really care who sees my Facebook it is all just mission stuff now and that's nothing I care to hide. My dad (Elder Finlay) should die in 5 or 6 months depending on if he extends or not. Take care and talk more later.

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