Saturday, March 21, 2015

Week 9: The Young Man Who Couldn't Make his Own Cereal, Now Requesting Dessert Recipes...

Elder Nelson's March 16th Responses:

I will be on for the next hour and a half or so!  (Regarding the missionary check from the Pogues that he found in his suit pants)  I don't think the check will get deposited for another week. It got sent back in the Bolsa. Don't know if someone missed it or what, but hopefully it gets cashed this week. Oh, and don't freak out that I made a transaction on my account today. I pulled out 500 pesos to eat, because I forgot my missionary card pin. I have it now and will pull out my giro for the rest of the month later today. 

I got to see and talk with President Smith because it was Stake Conference. He told me thanks for being obedient. Not quite sure of everything I'm obedient on, but I think I've made a good impression on him. We also had the Assistants to the President stay with us for the last two nights, which was pretty cool.

(Regarding preparing desserts for meals at the Stake President's Home) We have pretty much every basic cooking item, plus a blender. I think I can get most cooking ingredients or something similar. 

Ah, bummer that the rights (parental rights for Abby's biological parents) didn't get terminated but let's continue praying and trust that the Lord will take care of things in His way. At least it is only one more week until we find out more info. 

I have no doubt Sam (Millar) will be a stellar missionary. I don't know anyone who had less problems with keeping the commandments than that kid did. The only thing that might be a hindrance is that I hear everyone in the Provo MTC messes around quite a bit, and doesn't learn Spanish. However I know Sam will be diligent in his studies and I wouldn't be surprised if he was district or zone leader. 

Wow en serio? (That Josh had a speaking part in the youth musical and invited Mrs. Miliorn to attend) That's rad he had a speaking part and even invited Sheriff. There's so many simple missionary opportunities that we have that we don't even notice... Every time we jump into a taxi here, we always try to get the guy's address to have other missionaries visit. It's our job to invite people, and then from then the Spirit takes over and it is the person's decision to accept our invitation or not. 

I'm sorry to hear about the house not getting fixed fast, as well as Phil having a hard week. I'll pray harder for you guys at home. O that's no good- Destiny got pink eye, but luckily you were able to get it handled quickly. If possible you should send me a video of Abby. I believe other missionaries can view videos if they are small enough. Anyways worth a shot. 

Ah that must suck (for Dad to have to issue layoff notices to families at work). Finlay and I are in the same position. We have this familia, Fulco. The wife has her temple endowments, was President of Relief Society, and is one of President Smith's converts. However no matter who teachers her, whether it be President Smith or us, no matter how spiritual the lesson, she hasn't come back to church. This last time we also had a lesson with the husband to see if they could support each other in coming back. This week was stake conference and they didn't show up. I don't want to drop them, but at the same time I don't want to continue planning and scheduling lessons for them when there are other candidates out there that need/want the gospel more than this couple does. We will see what the Lord has in store for them, but we can't make them have the desire to come back. That's their own decision and the reason we have agency: o albedrio en espanol. 

Yeah I read that last week (that the missing Killers CD had been found) and did a fist pump. Amazing the stuff you can find when you clean. I will try to get the packing info., as well as other pictures to you guys today. 

I love you a ton. I just want to thank you and dad for always taking us to church. Even when it was difficult or we didn't want to.  It is so key in all of our progression. It is so important to hear the word of God in church every Sunday. The people aren't perfect and we can always be angry with someone, but the important things about church are taking the sacrament and furthering your gospel knowledge. You and Dad are great examples, and I see so many families down here that could solve all their problems if they just made the decision to faithfully come to church. What's crazy is the chapel is 5 minutes away from all these people, yet they still can't take 3 hours out of their day to renew their covenants with the Lord. It is sad. However, on the flip side, Sunday might be my favorite day when I get to see everyone making the right decision by coming to church, and getting to greet them. 

This stake conference, the attendance was like 560, and I got to greet the vast majority of those people. Unfortunately, almost all the talks were in Portugese so I didn't understand any of them. I only understood one talk, but it was about gratitude for all we have, and I know that's one area that the Lord wants me to work on. So I'm grateful for you guys helping me grow up in the church and get me to a place where I could faithfully share the gospel with the people of Uruguay. You guys are the best and I love you lots. Talk with you more next week.

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