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Week 5: In Elder Nelson's last full week in Buenos Aires, he comes to the realization that despite his best intentions, he will someday need to marry...

Elder Nelson wrote a lot later than usual this week- usually the message comes around 6:00 am our time, but this one came in after 1:00 in the afternoon.  He actually let us know when he went online to complete his weekly emails, writing: "If you catch me within the next 45 minutes I should still be at the computer."

Elder Nelson to his Mom:  (Who was pretty annoyed last week that Dad got the longer written response, saying, "Seriously? I'm the one who actually gave birth to him!")
Elders Nelson and Tidball
Yeah, the CCM is super fun but it's basically just a 6 week prison for North American missionaries. Pretty sure I'm leaving the CCM at 4 in the morning Monday which sounds less than desirable. Speaking about health, I'm doing pretty well.  

(Regarding Destiny teaching Abby how to get into mischief) Girls will be girls I guess, but that's nice for you that they can play nice with one another now. (Regarding Josh's big assignment in Spanish assigned over the winter break) Well, I can semi-help with Spanish now, so if he needs help I can try to bail him out, but this is a different type of Spanish. It's called Castacion or something like that. Normally when you see two "L" together, it would make a y sound, but here it makes a ch sound. And when there's a y in the middle of the word, it makes an s sound or at least that's my understanding of it. I could be completely wrong though. 

I do the same thing everyday, as well. Wake up eat Trix cereal. Have a bunch of classes. Have lunch. Have more classes, then dinner. Then bedtime at 10:30- it's rather exhausting. I bought two big journals which were super cheap, but good quality. All the stuff at this distribution center is nice and cheap. I might buy a couple more things there prior to leaving, just to purge all my Argentinean pesos. I love you and pray for you guys as well (in Spanish) and I'm glad to hear everything is going good.

I happened to be at my computer when he started sending his emails, so we had some back and forth dialogue before he sent the bulk of his weekly message:

Me: Hey! Where ya been?  Glad you are ok! ;)  This is like the world's slowest texting, I think.
Sleeping in suits, not a mandate...

Elder Nelson: Haha, yes it is. I'm sending you a big message so be prepared for that, and I need to respond to Brother Hansen. I'm doing good. Went to the temple at 7 in the morning but surprisingly wasn't tired. In going to the temple, I've come to the realization someday I'm going to have to get married. Not incredibly excited for it, and definitely not looking for a wife currently, but I don't think that's a smart battle to fight my whole life. Entonces, hopefully Heavenly Father will hook me up good in the future and that when I see that individual, I'll know she's the one. Other than that, I spent like 3 hours playing sports today and just getting ready to respond to emails.

Me: You crack me up- I am glad your sense of humor has not suffered. Looking forward to your email.  And remember mom is the one who gave birth to you... ;)

Elder Nelson: Don't worry, I already responded to mom's emails before you, so I took care of that.

Here is the "official" email to Dad:

Buenos Aires Temple
Hey, sorry I wasn't able to answer all your questions last time, but I'll just answer them now. Yeah, Brother Hansen sent me an awesome email. I'll forward it to you. If I can be half the missionary he was, I'd have a pretty successful mission. There was the potential for Tidball and I to be split up (as a companionship) because previous companionships were split up once new people arrived; like a companionship of 3 would hopefully just be broken up into two separate companionships. However, there hasn't been any drama in our district, and everyone has stayed the same the whole time. Tidball and I get along great. He reminds me a lot of Cody Rodrigues. He's super funny and we never have problems with each other. 

Congrats on another 3 years of not getting fired. Glad the little ones still remember who I am. It's cool proselyting in Buenos Aires. We just got a new area for these last two weeks in the CCM. We had the local church building in our boundaries and went there to eat our sack lunch. Halfway through, a pair of missionaries walked out. Before Tidball and I knew it, we were on splits. I was with a guy named Elder Beers from Washington. He was like fluent in Spanish and he's only been out a year, so hopefully I'll be like that in another 11 months. We taught a lady named Raquel together. I was able to help out somewhat, bear my testimonio, and gave her a Libro de Mormón. So that was encouraging, that I didn't botch the lesson up with him, and that they were able to get a repeat visit with her.

Not much else happened during proselyting this semana. Last Saturday was Valentines day, so I bought like 8 Laffy Taffy candies for every member in my district. It only cost 4 pesos, which is 50 cents, US. At the end of proselyting, we went back past the church and ran into a ton of kids, because down here mututal is held on Saturdays. We bumped into a different set of Elders than before. One was called Elder May, who was like 6'3 and was from somewhere in Utah. He's only been out 6 months, and says he's already forgetting some English. However, he gets to teach english classes which is cool. He said the Provo MTC was just a huge party, and that he learned almost zero Spanish there, so I'm thankful I'm in the Argentina CCM, surrounded by native speakers. 

I haven't had the urge to kill anyone, so I guess you could say no one has seriously offended me, but some missionaries are definitely more annoying than others. I accidentally kicked a kid in the face today during soccer, but he was pushing me earlier, so I didn't feel too bad and he wasn't hurt, so it was all good. The Swiss bag works great, but book bags kill your shoulders while proselyting. Really don't know why they made the no backpack rule. Tidball and Pettingill both have small black Timbuk bags, which seem more manageable than my huge man purse. Shoes and shirts work great. 

Meetinghouse in Buenos Aires
Yeah, the new North Americans came this week. We went 4 weeks without other Americans, so maybe our expectations were set pretty high, but they're all pretty normal and subdued. Also, they are on the second time schedule so we only ever really interact with them on Sunday. Elder Conner (new american) from North Carolina is cool. He's like 6'2 and super skinny. He's pretty good at all sports, and I feel like we have a lot in common, so we get along pretty good. However he is going to the Uruguay Montevideo mission, and not the West one, which is a bummer. The other new elder is kinda awkward so I don't interact with him a ton. Then there's a guy from California called Elder Salinas, but he's fluent in Spanish, so he's only here for two weeks, but he'll be going to my mission.

Yes I feel like an old timer, and everyone in our district has gone crazy at least two different times. One day Tidball just rolled around in the grass for 5 minutes. It's like we have cabin fever, even though we get an hour of physical activity time everyday, as well as 5 hours of proselyting these last 4 saturdays. It's no bueno. 

In terms of cool stories, when the previous two groups left, all the American guys would have a sleepover. Everyday becomes one big blur so I don't remember any solid stories at the moment, however our whole district is cool with Presidente Willis so we can all just hang out in his office when it is supposed to be study time. 

I've made it to the salad bar maybe once or twice. I eat a ton of food here, but never feel like I get enough. I think I might finally be over 140 pounds. Yes, I make sure my district is always laughing. I've actually said some pretty funny yet controversial things to my teachers, and gotten away with it because it was too funny to get me in trouble.

Yeah, after 5 hours of proselyting I just want to take a shower and a long nap. Everyday after breakfast there is a 30 minute period before class, and we always take a 30 minute siesta then. Nah, I'm not having phone or video game withdrawals. This is just about as fun as video games- just a different type of fun and thrill. 

That's exciting for Devon (to be leaving soon). That's pretty funny what Brother Sanchez said. Ah, Weston is back already? I saw Austin like twice down in the singles ward with Stephanie Dahlin. Hopefully he'll be around more often, now that his brother is back in town. 

I have 4 days left here. I'm leaving a 4 o clock in the manana which doesn't sound divertido. The CCM was great, but I'm looking forward to Uruguay. I love you, and I'll get to email you Monday, but only for 10 minutes so talk to you then.

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