Friday, January 23, 2015

Week one in the Missionary Training Center (or Centro de Capacitacion Misional)

Elder Nelson dutifully wrote to both of his parents at the end his first week in the Buenos Aires Missionary Training Center (or CCM in Spanish, as above)

To Mom:

I'm thankful I made it to the MTC in one piece as well. Yeah, don't know what the food [in airports] is made out of to warrant the high price, but I definitely missed fast food prices. Yeah, I slept some on the plane. The first couple days I was falling asleep in the night classes, but now I'm pretty well adjusted and able to stay awake all day. I only exchanged 20 US dollars but that got me like 170 argentine pesos. Everything at this distribution center is super cheap. My friend bought a small version of Preach my gospel in spanish and it was only 3 bucks in US dollars.. I'll get to go to the temple here like 5 to 6 times while at the CCM. I'm going today actually. Yeah, hopefully the language comes soon. I can pray in Spanish now, but it is like the same prayer every time. Definitely not as elaborate as my English prayers, but hopefully the Lord cuts me some slack. Yeah, there were two missionaries on my Fresno plane I believe. One of them was all concerned that he wouldn't make it to the Mexico MTC on time and asked me for the emergency number. Thanks to your guys meticulous packing, I was able to help him out- However I don't know if he made it on time or not. On the salt lake plane, I might have just been with one missionary that was going to the Argentina CCM named Elder Pettingill from Rigby, Idaho. Then there were 8 of us going to the CCM from Atlanta. Apparently there were supposed to be 2 more missionaries with us, but we never saw them and they never showed up at the CCM. Well tell [the siblings] one week down and like 100 more to go. The food here is really good. I haven't had a meal where I didn't eat it. 8 hours of sleep isn't fun, but I get enough sleep. Just wanted to let you know I'm doing my best not to get sunburnt. I love you and miss you. Talk to you next week.

And to Dad:

Wow that's pretty crazy. I knew you guys would be worrying when I heard we were stuck until the fog cleared, but I made it to the Salt Lake gate with like and hour or two to spare. Ah sweet. Ihop was grandmas choice because of pepsi products I assume? Yep, airports aren't that complicated. Yeah, I know how to give a simple prayer in Spanish as well as bear my testimony, but I can't really hold a conversation with any of the South Americans. Oh and Sam [Millar] is going to the Provo MTC because Americans that come down here only go to Uruguay I guess. There's 5 of us going to the Uruguay Montevideo West Mission out of 8 of the north Americans. The other 3 are from Canada and all going to different missions. So I guess if you're American and are going to serve in the Buenos Aires North Mission, you go to Provo. Yeah, this temple makes the Fresno temple look like a Little Tikes playground structure. 2 [missionaries] on fresno [flight], 1 on salt lake that I knew of, and 8 of us were together from Atlanta to the CCM. Apparently, there were supposed to be two other missionaries but nobody really knew what happened to them. Yeah, all us North Americans came here knowing almost no Spanish. However, Hermana Sowards took a Spanish class at BYU, so she knows a lot more than the rest of us. I don't know if I'm allowed to view [the blog] without getting in trouble, so I'll just assume you'll take good care of it. Yeah, we aren't supposed to take pictures until our last day here, but I've taken a few just don't know how to upload them is all. I only get an hour for email and I've already used up like 40 minutes emailing mom, then you. It would be cool to email Chandler, Mckenna and Morgan or just forward there missionary emails to me so I can know whats happening with them. I love you too Dad, and the toilets flush clockwise here versus counter clockwise in the states. Take care and talk to you next week. Oh if you could send me a picture of our family to share with my district that would be cool as well. Thanks. Love. Ben

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