Thursday, January 15, 2015

Pre-Mission Activities!

The ongoing theme of Nelson Family life has always been "Crazy, But Fun!"  And by all accounts, the preparation period for Elder Ben Nelson's service in the Uruguay, Montevideo West Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has been no exception! After all the Christmas festivities, Elder Nelson attended the temple for the first time to do his own temple work on January 2nd, 2015.

We were also able to have our newly adopted daughter, Destiny, sealed to us on January 3rd, 2015.  That made the new grand total 3 sons, 1 daughter, 1 foster daughter (hopefully adopted soon, as well) and 1 niece!  The sealing took place in our local Fresno, CA temple.
The original plan was to have Destiny sealed in the Salt Lake City Temple, but vacation time from work and preparation time to ready everything proved too brief.  Many of our Yosemite Ward family attended, which was terrific!

Destiny was also blessed in Sacrament meeting the day immediately following the sealing.  Elder Nelson attended his last service in the YM/YW Valentine's Ward on this same day.

 True to his nature, Elder Nelson waited until the last possible day for his "Missionary Haircut."  His claim has always been that he functions exactly like the biblical character Samson, saying, "Without the hair, I got nothin'."

The show of love and support from family and friends at Elder Nelson's farewell open house was almost overwhelming.  The place was slammed! It was a humbling experience for our family and we were so very appreciative.  We tried to take pictures of everyone who attended, but realized the Dufield and Sanchez families and Sister Jenness snuck away before we could catch them!

The Lattins
The Jensen Family
Sister Verstoppen
Greg and Sam Millar
The Reden Family
The Goetz Family
The Eckstein Family
Tadhg Flynn
The Billingsleys
The Potter Family
The Engelers
The Flynns
The Rodrigueses
Matt and James Powers
The Haas Family
The "Original" Nelson Family
The Weir Family
Bishop and Sister Mitchell
Brother Bausch
The Brown Family
Nana and Pop
Rachel and McKenzie Olivas
Josh, Ayami, and Destiny
Phil, Abby, and Josh
The Parental Units

Elder Nelson spoke in the Yosemite Ward on his final Sunday before departure on the topic of "Committing to the Gospel."  Lots of friends  and family were in attendance which was awesome!

 The Grands
Kristi and Ali Nomellini
 Dylan and Ty

And finally President Everett set Elder Nelson apart as a missionary on the 13th of January, less than 12 hours before his departure!
 President Everett

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