Friday, January 16, 2015

Goodbyes are hard...

Elder Nelson departed for his mission in the wee early hours of January 14th, 2015, from the Fresno Yosemite International airport. (Airport code: FAT)  The morning was exceedingly foggy, but as a family we prayed that he would make his connecting fights in Salt Lake City and Atlanta on his way to the Missionary Training Center (MTC) in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  It was a pretty miraculous morning, as his plane taxied back from the gangway immediately prior to all remaining flights being pushed back several hours.  (He had stayed awake the entire day prior, packing, training, and burning nervous energy which almost made him sleep through his Salt Lake boarding call! Luckily, He made it in one piece!)

He sent his first email from his email account on Thursday, January 15th, which read as follows:

¡Hola from Buenos Aires!

Well I made it in one piece! Fresno flight was delayed because of fog but still made it to Salt Lake with an hour and a half to spare. However I almost slept thru the boarding process but luckily I woke up to be one of the last ones boarding the plane. The Atlanta airport was pretty huge and airport food is super expensive! (I paid 17 dollars for a sandwich, cup of fruit and a bottled water). Arrived in Buenos Aires at 730am but didn't arrive at the MTC until 1030am. I clearly need to jump on the Spanish train because there isn't much English being spoke here. My next p-day [preparation day] is next Thursday so we will see how well I do for my first week in the MTC. If you're planning on sending any packages just send them to my mission and not to the MTC. There's a distribution center here as well as a temple. I didn't need to bring my own temple clothes for temple sessions because I guess they provide you with that, but an elder I'm with brought his. One US dollar is worth like 8 and a half Argentina pesos. Still have yet to find out if the toilets flush backwards. The weather is super nice here, and I can't wait to start learning. Also my companion's name is Elder Tidball and he's from Edmonton, Canada. Well, I think that is all the info I have for now. Got all my luggage and made it here in one piece so mission accomplished. I love you both and hope you're doing well at home. Tell the siblings I say hi. 

With love, Elder Nelson

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